About Light Mind

Light Mind offers solutions to improve employee wellbeing, engagement and performance.

The belief at the core of Light Mind is that ‘Mindset Matters’.  It matters because it impacts how we experience life and how we deal with challenges, whether we see a bump in the road as a potential ‘failure’ or an ‘opportunity to learn’.  Whether we see a decision as ‘overwhelming’ or ‘exciting’.  Today’s pace of life means it’s easy to get caught up in the overwhelm whirlwind, whereby it feels easier to stick to familiar choices and patterns, even if life can feel somewhat heavy and cumbersome.

The good news: Tiny tweaks = Big changes.

Change happens when it’s made easy.  Making use of the internal building blocks we all have, our practical tools and activities make creating new habits and making new choices more accessible.  Our mindset really can make the difference between that feeling of life happening ‘to us’, versus making life happen ‘for us’.

“Live Lighter”

For wellbeing and engagement, Light Mind delivers ‘carefree singing’ and laughter solutions. If an experience is enjoyable and easy to adopt as a regular habit, it is more likely to make a permanent shift in one’s mindset so that the day-to-day experience of life is more ‘light hearted’ through being more ‘light minded’.  A lighter mind also improves ‘bounce-back-ability’ when faced with setbacks and challenges that life can throw at us.  The ability to bounce back re vitalises our sense of purpose and the control we have over what we can achieve.

“Mindset Matters”

For individual and team performance, Light Mind delivers experiential learning simulations.  Bringing teams face-to-face with the ‘everyday’ stuff that can get in the way of awesome performance. The simulations are relevant to the challenges people face in their roles.  They are practical – people leave with a practiced ‘performance mindset’ toolkit for making things happen and they are impactful – what people practice in the simulation is just step away from doing it in reality.

All our solutions can be tailored for one-off networking, team building or learning events or integrated into a longer-term wellbeing and engagement strategy.

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