Light Mind delivers impactful action-learning simulations to help people explore a ‘Performance Mindset’.  We work with teams (intact or cross-functional) who want to create and learn together.

We know that ‘Mindset Matters’.  People can either focus on problems, or focus on possibilities.  Our simulations help people be more aware of the choices they are making and develop skills to be more solution focused.

We deliver high impact experiences

  • People remember what they feel.  We immerse people in a felt experience, which is the most powerful route to retaining new information and creating a sticky change in mindset and behaviour.
  • Our simulations allow people to observe and adapt their choices experiencing genuine impact in a few hours.  Armed with confidence in their ability to choose differently and with a build in support network, it multiplies the likely transfer of learning back to the workplace.
  • We grow when we stretch, but not when stretch tips into stress.  The times we let ourselves feel discomfort give us the best opportunity to learn something new.  Experiential learning helps people explore and expand their stretch edge, meaning a more productive and fulfilling experience of work.

We provide practical tools – change happens when it’s made easy

  • We provide practical tools that we know bring huge value to people from all walks of life; corporate CEOs, Olympic athletes, military personnel, young offenders, managers and community groups to name a few.  Simple, memorable tools make it easy to apply learning in the work place and beyond.

Light Mind Partnerships