A competitive business simulation for people to learn through experience what it’s like to live with a performance mindset – ‘be you with more skill’.


The ‘Gear Change’ experience helps people explore how to:

  • Be at their best and nimbly adapt to changing circumstances
  • Grow strong customer partnerships
  • Break down barriers to effective team performance and increase team confidence to exceed targets
  • Intentionally collaborate in both low and high octane situations
  • Co-create new ways of working – spot opportunities for workflow or process improvements


Each team (6-10 people) represents a manufacturing organisation that has won a contract to deliver a high volume of drag-racers for a top tier TV company.  The racers must meet strict performance quality criteria on the test track.

Teams will come under fire to meet changing customer requirements, consistently deliver quality products and manage their resources effectively to reach projected company profit targets.  To keep the contract and deliver on their profit commitments to shareholders, everyone must work together to figure out what’s holding them back and rapidly implement new ways of working.

Throughout the simulation, we inject short, sharp, high impact learning boosts to fuel the teams to step change their thinking, behavior and performance.

Which team will pull together to change gear quickly enough and exceed their targets?

What? Who? When? Where?

What?  Experiential learning activity using a competitive business simulation


  • Intact or cross-functional teams
  • Similar or multiple level employees
  • 12 – 40 participants

When?  One day learning event (7 hours)

Where?  Large training room that allows for flexible set up of tables / chairs

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