Networking, Team Building or Away Days

The phrase ‘let’s do some Team Building’ conjures different reactions for everyone; a company ‘jolly’, organised (forced) fun, donning protective gear and bashing each other with oversized cotton buds or scaring yourself witless leaping off a 40ft wooden pole.

Still in the human era (excluding self-service checkout robots), reality is that most activities need teams of people, working together to achieve a common goal.

Our solutions help teams trust, respect difference and communicate better

Any group of individuals have different perspectives and mindsets, shaped by their experiences, culture and upbringing.  This also means that groups, teams, tribes and troops are a natural breeding ground for conflict.  Harnessed in the right way conflict can deliver breakthrough ideas but left unchecked, it can halt progress completely.

“It Pays To Play”

The best activities don’t feel like ‘another day at the office’.  If we think back to being children, it was our time spent playing we had most fun.  Not only that, it was playing that shaped our brains, helped us adapt to new environments and develop contextual memory.  It was then, and continues to be, a critical evolutionary tool.  When we play with others, social bonds are made and valuable trust is established.

By ‘play’ we mean any activity done predominantly for fun over purpose – this also includes any activity where the purpose is creative expression such as drawing, singing, dancing.  As adults, many of us have forgotten how to, or that it’s important play.  Yet creativity and innovation are highly desired skills in any organisation.  Play is at the core of creativity and innovation.

Time out to do something ‘seemingly purposeless’ creates individual, team and company value

We’re not necessarily suggesting you all down tools and head out to the playground for a game of hopscotch (although we’re up for it if you are) but prioritising unpressured ‘time out’ where colleagues can get to know each other and have space to dream up new solutions and ways of doing things will set you apart from your competitors.

It’s in those ‘time-outs’ away from the pressures of cracking through the ‘to do’ list that inspiration strikes.  It’s connecting with team members on a personal level that enables worthwhile and effective collaboration.  It’s sharing an enjoyable experience that builds engagement with a brand or company.

Engaged employees = Better Company performance.

All Light Mind’s wellbeing and performance solutions can be integrated into networking, team building events or away days.

From a one hour ‘Laugh It Off’ session to a one day ‘Gear Change’ business simulation with many options in between.  Our experiences suit team celebrations as well shifting teams facing challenges to improve their functioning and performance.

Please get in touch to talk through the needs of your team and what you would like to achieve.  We have simple solutions with lasting benefits.


What’s your ‘play’ personality?  Dr. Stuart Brown’s work shows eight different play personalities, evidenced by how you used to play as a child…

light mind team building - dogs playing in field