Current estimates suggest that one in four adults in any one year will face mental health issues costing UK organisations £30 billion per year through lost production, recruitment and absence, equivalent to £1035 per employee in the UK workforce.

Light Mind delivers ‘carefree’ singing and laughter solutions that can integrate with, or provide a foundation for, your company wellbeing or engagement strategy.

The secret of laughter and the magic of song

Why do we laugh?  Because we think something is funny?  When babies laugh – they do it because it feels good.  It’s not a learnt behaviour, it’s instinctive.  It was good for us then and it is good for us now.  Singing stirs the same magic – even if you consider yourself to be tone deaf or out of tune.

Both actions release feel good endorphins and increase the net supply of oxygen to the brain.  This has a positive effect on physical and mental wellbeing through reducing the stress hormone cortisol, in turn, boosting the immune system.

There is well documented evidence on the positive impact of regular la la’ing and ha ha’ing on stress and anxiety as they both provide a mental ‘time out’ and also build trust and connection so people feel supported.

Not only do these simple solutions promote a healthy, resilient, energised and engaged workforce – they also tap into company values and goals such as increasing creativity, innovation and collaboration.  A win-win all round.

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